Swiffer duster, extendable

Swiffer 360° Dusters Extender Starter Kit

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<li>Clever all-around design features 50% more fibres than regular Swiffer Dusters</li>
<li>Traps and locks up to 3X more dust and allergens than feather dusters</li>
<li>Swivel head pivots and locks into 4 different positions</li>
<li>Gets into nooks and crannies for an effective clean</li>
<li>Extends up to 3 feet</li>
<li>Includes 1 extendable handle and 3 unscented disposable dusters</li>
<li>For use with Swiffer 360&deg; Duster refills, sold separately (product code: 21620PG)</li>
<li>Manufactured by Procter &amp; Gamble</li>